Tera App Review Exposes The Richard Heffner Scam Software

Tera App review exposes the truth about the Tera App Scam

Recycling is good for the environment and apparently it is good for scammers because they can make a buck out of selling the same old lies. One of such recycled scams is none other than the Tera App system which is actually another version of the Terabit Trader. The Tera App review is here to establish facts from falsehoods. This is an open review that contains conclusions reached after thorough investigations. Keep reading and keep yourself safe from these dangerous and adamant scammers.

CEO:Richard Heffner

Official Site: http://www.teraapp.co/lp.php

Results from Tera App Review

The alleged Tera App CEO, Richard Heffner has made huge claims about his software. He says that it has made 27 people millionaires and this has just happened within three months. He also states that with his software you can make $850 every hour. The only catch is that you need to fast or else you will lose this opportunity of a lifetime to someone else who never hesitated.

So how does this magical software work? According to Heffner he has a great team of traders who have the ability to give nothing but positive results. His computers communicate with each other through optical data transmission technology which consists of two types of transfer namely ODT 1 and ODT 2. According to Heffner his signals travel t the speed of light and go around the earth in less than a second hence the system’s accuracy.

So now let us stop the comedy show and get to the real stuff. Now first and foremost we are tired of seeing this particular actor. He is involved in so many scams and he has no shame. We are talking about Patrick D Green. He is a professional actor but it now seems that he has been washed down the beach and is taking up any job to put food on the table even it means lying to the public. This is the guy you see in Omnia App, GPS Trader, TeraBit scams and now this one. He even uses the same lies over and over again. Not forgetting the fake testimonials courtesy of stock photos

There is nothing free about the Tera App software. You will be required to invest a minimal amount of $250. This sum will be sent to offshore brokers and you can kiss your money goodbye. What about the reviews? Well unfortunately those are fake too. Stock photos have been put to use with hyped fluff to get you thinking that you can become a millionaire in months with a mere $250.

In their site they mention that the accuracy ratio of the Tera App software is 93%. Now this is  a lie and also a contradiction. Trading experts have been advising other junior traders about the market and the systems and the truth is that there is trading robot that can be 93% accurate in its functionings.

Who is Richard Heffner?

Richard Heffner is a non existent character created by the scammers behind the Tera App scam. The real name of the guy you see trying to act like a financial superman is a movie actor known as Patrick D Green. He has been doing a good job recently of being a scam actor where he lies about being a fantastic trader who is a millionaire and has enabled many other people achieve the same status. In the Omnia scam he has a different identity

Is Tera App a Scam?

Yes Tera App system is nothing short of a scam. The reasons we have stated above are evidence enough that no one should indulge them in any way. Other scams to avoid are Omni App and FX Sniper.

Conclusion from Tera App Review

Binary options are a great venture when dealing with genuine people and systems. Unfortunately Tera App is not one of those genuine sites online. The main aim of scammers is to make money while it lasts, when discovered they take a break, go dream up a new scam and come back with another new production. That is why people like Patrick can hold different identities for non existent companies or businesses.

Verdict: Tera App is a software meant to scam unsuspecting individuals who are seeking ways of earning extra income on a side hustle. We advice our readers to steer away from this scam and from any persons related to it. We are aware that their affiliates are working round the clock to lure in more people. Keep your money safe by not subscribing or responding to their emails.

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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