Tesler App Review Exposes Steven Abrahams SCAM

Tesler App has been relaunched under the name Tesler 2 and it is still a big scam. Check out my updated video review below

Tesler App review exposes the truth about the Tesler App Scam

Happy holidays to all our readers. We as usual are busy helping Santa know who was naughty and who was nice. Well the naughty list seems to be growing with the latest entry being the Tesler Trading App. This is a scam system allegedly owned and developed by one Steven Abrahams.

His video presentation is no different from the rest made by other scammers but he tweaks it a little bit when he decides to play Santa and “surprise” one of the “normal” people who traded using his software. This lady has made a kill with 24 hours. This review is here to warn you to steer clear from all this hype. It is a trap and we are here to show you why Tesler trading app is nothing but a big sham.

CEO:  Steven Abrahams
Official Site: teslerapp.co and tesler-app.cc

Results from Tesler App Review

The Tesler app scam review is objective and not sponsored by any organization or business. We are here to give facts together with evidence of the same. Steven Abrahams introduces himself as the developer and CEO of the Tesler trading app. He talks of how he worked on it from scratch and how he and his wife watched in utter disbelief as the software suddenly made the money every day.

Abrahams tells his viewers that his software analyzes information from the market deeply and as a result it will give you 50 profitable trades. This is actually the least number. Steven goes ahead and even guarantees beginners that they will be making $5,700 every day. This is actually a life time guarantee and he even goes ahead and assures viewers that they will become millionaires in a matter of months.

First of all it is impossible for any trader to earn thousands of dollars on a daily basis or even become a millionaire within months for that matter. This feat cannot happen even with an auto trader.  It is also not possible to making profits every day of your life to infinity. The trading market is susceptible to events that can see the market perform poorly or even worse, the market can crush. Abrahams is insulting our intelligence when he says that his software does not make losses.

He even goes ahead and says that you can withdraw your money any time you want. Truth is he is lying; you cannot get your money till the broker decides that you should. Remember that Abrahams in his video says that he will deduct a certain percentage from your profits? Well those deductions are not clearly stipulated so you bet the broker will ensure they get their free money after all didn’t they give you “free, F R E E “ software? One wonders why if the software is free why deduct your cut?

One thing that is even disgusting more than the fake video testimonials and the stock images used as video slide testimonials is the use of vulnerable African children. Abraham has just revealed his true greedy nature of doing anything to make money by lying that he helps children and then brings image of hungry African kids. He even has a fake video testimonial of a guy who says he built a hospital in Somalia. The world is a global village and there is no such news of a hospital built or children fed by Abrahams or his fake witnesses.

Who is Steve Abrahams?

Steve Abrahams is a role taken up by the actor you see in the Tesler scam video. He has been paid to play his part well. We searched the whole internet and there was no binary options trading millionaire by that name. Neither Tesler app nor its alleged CEO and developer have been featured on CNN, Bloomberg or Financial Times. This are just stories to give false credibility

Is Tesler App a Scam?

Yes we can confidently say that the Tesler app is a manipulative scam meant to trick you into giving your money away. Everything here is fabricated. The testimonies and the videos. Do not be surprised that even the CEO is a fabrication. This dirty scam has also been exposed by The Binary Options Sheriff as well.

Conclusion from Tesler App Review

This Tesler App review is objective and our aim is to inform the public what to watch out for. We cannot advice anyone to invest their money with the Tesler system as it is not tested or proven. The guarantees given by the alleged CEO are not true since expert opinions differ from what this scammer is saying.

Verdict: The Tesler app is just another Binary Options trading scam you should avoid.

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