The Altronix APP System is Another Scam

The Altronix APP System, binary trading options software, which was recently launched by an alleged “successful binary options trading guru”, is one that has caught my attention while looking for a genuine binary trading system. Created by Frank Saunders, with the assistance of a team of developers who claim to be experts in online trading, this new trading robot is designed to offer free binary signals that are well-researched by the experts in online trading. Apparently, the owners claim this binary trading system has already helped its registered members to earn several thousands of dollars after its release. The application is also being presented as a legit binary options trading software by a couple of review sites. However, upon close scrutiny of this service, I found out that it is a misleading, deceptive and malicious binary options scam intended to scam people out of their hard-earned cash. In this honest and unbiased review, I am going to reveal several facts and present evidence to prove that Altronix APP System is another big scam you should avoid at all costs.

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First Impressions from My Altronix App Software Review

The Altronix App Software is spreading through the binary options arena like wild fire. I am predicting that this will be one of the big scams that will hit the online trading industry in 2016. This is so unfortunate and dangerous because the Altronix App scam website looks so damn convincing at first glance. The guys behind this application did a wonderful job of all the aspects of the website and the system somehow looks legit. This is all meant to hoodwink you and convince you to invest your money in the scam.  But never take things at face value because when I dug deeper, I started to peel off the many layers of lies and inconsistencies to expose that the Altronix App is a scam you should avoid by all means.

What the Altronix App Software Promises

One of the most ridiculous claims they make is that the application has even won an award for the top binary options trading software of the year. Well, unless you are stupid, there is no way you are going to believe these claims. First of all, there is no award like that in the binary trading industry. Secondly, how can the Altronix App win a top award when it was only launched recently, while there are other applications that have been in the market for many years?

In the video, the guy who is presenting the system claims that the application is not affected by events in the world financial markets. Now, we all know that this is a lie because all genuine financial markets are impacted by many events in the world, such as price fluctuation, exchange rates, and commodity prices. The issue is that I was unable find one piece shred of proof that Frank Saunders is even real. This only confirms that the Altronix App is a scam.

Altronix Scam Review

My Findings that Show the Altronix App Software is a Scam

The key selling point of this trading options system  is that it can help investors earn millions of dollars per year. It is however unfortunate that there is hardly any binary trading app that can do this. In fact it beats logic when they claim this since the application has only been in operation for a couple of weeks. How then can they claim that it can make millions in a year? Of course you can make millions with proper financial management and legitimate services or products, but not with the Altronix App. This piece of junk will just rip you off proper.

When you scroll down the web page, you will notice a section that contains quotes from some of the most reputable news groups such as CNN Money, TNW and Bloomberg. All the quotes provide raved reviews on how awesome the application is, but when I did a bit of research I established that each quote is a fake and there is nothing about the Altronix App that was published in those reputable publications.

Conclusion on the Altronix App Software Review-Scam!!

In my overall review, I conclude that the Altronix App is a scam and there not a drop of legitimacy in this service. There are numerous misleading, malicious and deceptive claims and promises in the service. Furthermore, there s nothing genuine, reputable or legitimate about the entire system, its founders, and even the positive reviews I found on the application. In fact, the positive reviews you will find are probably written by paid writers who are involved in this scam as well

Final Verdict: The Altronix App is a scam and full of rubbish. Don’t invest your money here-You will definitely lose.

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