The Azure Method Review – Creepy scam!!

Scam review: The Azure Method is a creepy scam!!

Looking at Antony`s presentation you would expect the Azure system and his lousy storyline to be a bit reputable and older but it’s pretty clear Mr. Antony is selling snake oil through unrealistic promises of overnight riches and fantasy lifestyle showoff. I have to warn you that Azure Method is dangerously persuasive and if you are not careful you might find yourself depositing money the moment you are through with Mr. Antony`s presentation. In this review I have uncovered incriminating evidence regarding deceitful activities and scamming features hidden in Azure Method. Please read on if you want to avoid falling for this conniving and manipulative scam.

CEO / Actor: Antony Azure

Despite what you want to believe and what it promises, Azure Trading App is not a ticket to financial freedom and without hesitation let me inform you that Azure Method is a new and viral software whose domain was only registered a few days ago. The glaring and rich presentation by Antony Azure appears luring and compelling compared to other scams out there but the truth is the Azure Method scam app is equally deceptive as its predecessors, promoting grossly unrealistic promises and worst of all creepy tricks for securing your losses. If you have already entertained the idea of signing up please pause for a moment until you grasp some critical facts that cannot just be overlooked regarding this money stealing app

Proof of the Azure Method Scam

How foolish to think that we would fall for Mr. Antony`s fake beta testers and their fake testimonials. How on earth was Ann Morris able to make at least $387,733 as of April 2016 considering the Azure website and system didn’t exist? A quick search on confirms that the domain was registered in May, 2016!!!Even the claim that Azure method can turn a measly $250 into 387,733 in just a month is BS claim that you should just ignore. From my experience such a software that seem to do wonders does not exist anywhere not even on Wall Street

The testimonials below are all exposed in my video review 

Azure Method Fake Testimonials

Regrettably the Azure method software that is supposed to help you become a millionaire overnight is cloned from another trading scam called Greenwood Formula that left day traders reeling from heavy financial losses. It is also very clear that the people behind Azure Method have a closer connection with the fraudsters behind Greenwood Formula thereby confirming that we are dealing with a dangerous and sinister scam

I have to be very honest with you that you will not make the alleged $8k hourly and sadly if you opt to decide to deposit any money with them your account will be locked with your chosen broker meaning you`ll not have the power to withdraw any money until you`ve placed a certain amount of trades. Secondly if you fund the account with the minimum deposit ($250) and keep on investing the whole balance, you will not attain the said amount in profits. Thirdly Antony`s claims that his ambiguous software has never lost a trade and that it has a 98% success is another outrageous claim that should be completely condemned and abhorred. Let no one cheat you that you will not lose any money with Azure Method because that’s exactly what’s going to happen.

The Azure Method Actors

On further scrutiny of Azure Method system and dummy auto trader, I observed a common feature with fraud sites-the annoying pop that keeps on alerting you that there`re only 2 spaces available. This is a pressure tactic and Psychological Trick designed to make you feel as if time is running out so that you can sign up for this creepy service. Curiously I decided to sign up for the 2 spaces and was taken to another page where I was informed that over 100 people have lost out. If indeed this was true how come when I refreshed the same 2 spaces were still remaining. Does this not further confirm that this whole spine-chilling production is being presented to everyone who dares visit its official website?

Conclusion from my Azure Method Review

Mr. Antony Azure and his creepy AzureMethod are a verified scam. Throughout the presentation I found Mr. Azure to be a pathological liar whose Azure software only benefits his insatiable intentions, leaving new day traders and investors reeling with heavy losses and untold pain. Don’t fall for this fishy looking guy and his shady trading app

Verdict: Azure Method is a ruthless scam and you need to avoid anything to do with it

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