The Cash Loophole Review shows this is SCAM Software

Cash Loophole review exposes the truth about the Cash Loophole Scam

Cash Loophole is a binary options trading system developed and owned by Richard Sellars. Richard promises those who view his video presentation that they will be making $1987 after every three hours. This was the red flag for our readers who have written emails seeking clarification. Cash Loophole system is a scam and we are here to share facts that will make you smell the coffee and dare not deposit your hard earned $250 with them.

CEO: Richard Sellars
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 Results from Cash Loophole Review

Cash Loophole belongs to scammers who have ensured that they are not identifiable. Other scammers usually have an actor whom they have hired to do their dirty work. So this makes it easy to trace the actor but in this case the only thing we have is a voice. Money is never given to strangers. Do not trust the voice; this is not the Voice show.

No matter how experienced you are in trading or whether you are using auto trading there is no way that you will be making $1987 per hour. This is especially true if your initial deposit is $250. In binary trading the higher the amount of your deposit the likely you are to get more or at times you might get nothing at all. Simply read the disclaimer section and you will see that all that Richard is saying is hype and fluff.

The Cash Loophole

It is also okay to say that Richard’s auto trading system is based on thievery and manipulation. This is because he says that his system is able to analyze tens of thousands of reports since it is directly connected to the stock market. The result is that a trader gets at least 100 trades that are profitable and accurate hence they are able to take advantage of rogue brokers who manipulate trades. So Cash Loophole software is profiting from manipulation by brokers. There is no Robinhood here, just a thief robbing another. What makes you think your trades are safe, after all are you not working with a manipulator? Again, read the disclaimer all this is just good acting and slide shows. Once you deposit your money there is no guarantee that you will get it back.

We like reading everything because the devil is always in the details. Many viewers of scam videos are usually concentrated on the false promises and the mirage of a rich life out of giving out their money. We know that all that is fake and get down to business by reading the disclaimer. You see in Cash Loophole they clearly state that what they are doing is fake. They admit that they have hired actors. They also admit that you will not be earning $1987 after every three hours. This is because all that is in the video is simulation or what they imagine could happen. Do people invest in imaginations? Do not be a victim of false advertising.

You should also note that the link to the site’s home page reads that the system is no longer in operation. We used a link sent to one of our readers and there it was requesting us to deposit money in the next 9 minutes.

Who is Richard Sellars?

Richard Sellars is the imagination of the scammers behind the Cash Loophole scam. The voice we here is of a paid voice actor. Most of them can easily be found for $5 on Fiverr. We searched all over the net and even LinkedIn, the site for all professionals and there was no Richard Sellars. You better not dare do any business dealings with a person who is not even recognized by the government or else you will have no one else to blame.

The Cash Loophole Review

Is Cash Loophole a Scam?

Cash Loophole has all the signs and symptoms of one thing and that is it is a scam. Things are just not adding up. Hired actors, misleading links and information and not wanting to accept responsibility for committing fraud.

Conclusion from Cash Loophole Review

Scamming is and will always be a big part of binary options trading. After all it is a lucrative venture. A bit of false truths here and there and vague images of the life that could be is all what a scammer needs to cheat you. Well do not wait to learn the hard way. Cash Loophole will also find loopholes to get away with your money.

Verdict: We find The Cash Loophole system a scam you should avoid

As always anything I find that works will be listed on my Trusted System List and I also encourage everyone to get a free demo account with IQoption if you are new to Binary Options.

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