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The Golden Paradigm application is a new binary auto trader service by Nathan Weiss. However, the developers of this system have not yet published it to the larger public so the system is not so popular among investors in the binary options industry. As far as I know, the app is based on a top secret algorithm that is supposed to be some king of pattern repeating algorithms. If you are not well-informed about how binary options trading works, it’s very easy to be carried away by the promises the system is offering. They claim that by investing a mere $250 USD, you can earn a whopping $978.63 per hour in profits. Since the binary options industry is full of scam operations and sites nowadays, I sought to find out if The Golden Paradigm app is a scam or a legit service. Red on for more on this new system!

Official Site:
CEO: Nathan Weiss

First Impressions on The Golden Paradigm

When I took a first look at the application, it didn’t take me much research to realize that The Golden Paradigm is a scam. The official website that is hosting the service is not all that impressive and I could smell a rat at first glance. The site contains all the typical elements of a binary trading scam and it’s not very different from most internet trading scams that I have come across in the past. The first thing you see on the site, like all other scams out there, is a video presentation by the guy presenting the new application. You also see a couple of video presentations and pictures of the alleged “members” who are already using the application. It doesn’t end there. Read on to find out more on this dubious service!!

What The golden Paradigm Promises

When I critically analyzed the promises and claims in this service, I got more convinced that The Golden Paradigm app is a scam. For instance, they claim that by investing a mere $250 you can earn over $900 per hour in profits. Now, unless you are a fool there is no way this is true. This is just a way that all guys behind binary scams have devised to whet your appetite to put your money in the service.

There are numerous untrustworthy claims and promises as well. Once you land on the first page of the website, the video presentation is the sole source of information on this service. Thirty seconds into the presentation we meet a guy fronting as Charlie Treybach. He claims that the software has enabled him to earn more than $250,000 within a period of 5 days only. However, it is quite unfortunate that there are no reports within the binary options industry of anyone who has ever made such a profit in such a record time. I mean, this story is not featured in any blog, forum, news article, or any form of industry news platform. In fact, I dug deeper to try and reveal the identity of this guy and found that he is just a paid actor who has been involved in several other similar scams.

My Findings that Show The Golden Paradigm is a Scam

I found very compelling evidence to show that The Golden Paradigm app is a scam that anyone with a brain that is properly functioning should avoid at all costs. Let’s begin with the alleged CEO, Nathan Weiss. The guy is hiding behind a voice over acting, which is quite suspicious. If what the guy is trying to tell us is real, why doesn’t he dare to show his face publicly? It means he is hiding something. When I researched about the name, I could not find anything that led to any credible information. The only posts I could find are actually associated to The Golden Paradigm scam. As you see in my own video review on this scam they even have fake actors from fiverr in this production as well.

Check out the image below of some of their past results.. Notice the date, yep this magic system can even trade on a Saturday when the financial markets are 100% closed. This is the biggest evidence that this is a 100% scam.

The Golden Paradigm

The guy also claims that this system has enabled some of its members to earn tens of thousands of dollars since it was launched. However, when I did some research on when the domain for the service was registered, I found that it is not even a month old. So, how come the guys in the testimonials claim that they have made tens of thousands within a couple of months yet the service has not even operated for more than a month?

Conclusion that The Golden Paradigm is a Scam

Going by everything that I just found out about this service, there is no doubt that The Golden Paradigm is a scam. The service does not have anything trustworthy and raises too many questions. The service offers promises that are not backed by any genuine facts. Additionally, they are using people with fake identities to promote the service. All these point to the fact that this is a scam.

Verdict: Avoid the Paradigm Scam unless you want to loss your money

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