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If you are looking for an honest and genuine Money Glitch review, then you are in the right place. Released and presented by a half naked woman, Selena Fairbrother and the unknown founder, David Mathew (StockPhoto), The Money Glitch Software is already hitting all the wrong headlines and in this review I will uncover fact after fact to expose this very dangerous scam that you should avoid by all means

CEO/ Frontperson: David Mathew & Selena Fairbrother

My video review of The Money Glitch 

Proof of The Money Glitch Scam

I don’t know where to start because the Money Glitch system is clothed with nothing but scam features all over it. It is basically constructed around the same technology and graphical elements found in two previous scam services called Mocking Bird Method and Zulander hack. These are deeply deceptive videos that revolve around the same story line of easy cash with no experience or special qualifications. I have a feeling the people who developed the official website of Money Glitch were either high school drops or were cheaply paid otherwise how can the presenter claim that their money glitch system is powered by a magic algorithm yet their websites looks just like garbage? Still the stale video, testimonials, time counters and widgets don’t look impressive either. Likewise there are number of underhand tactics being employed here and I really don’t like any of them at all.

On further scrutiny and after going through pain of watching their stale video I have found several things that don’t add up at all. The claim that the system spits $2000 per every 4 minutes is the most malicious and outlandish claim I have ever heard. I don’t care who built this software and app such a sales pitch is just pure bullshit. Making $2000 in 4 minutes in the binary trading marketplaces and even in the stock market is 100% unachievable goals unless you are extremely lucky. Even with some of the most reliable auto trading services such win rates are unheard of. Even Selena`s claim that she can turn a measly $5 into $569,231 in less two weeks is total crap.

On the left hand part you can see a box that relays live results that claims that their subscribers made $200k last week in total profits. Do your math and you will realize that given that their system generates $2k every 4 minutes this figure should be way higher. All this is made up and contradictory

The claim that the owner, David Matthews the alleged founder has invested over $1.1m to perfect Money Glitch is false and very misleading considering the owner`s  image was stolen or bought from stock photos. In addition his identity has been completely obscured by the fraudsters behind this system in an effort to manipulate day traders and new investors who are interested in binary trading. It’s all just a blatant, thinly-veiled effort to steal your money. Interestingly all the other images used for their testimonials have also stolen. Likewise the whole sales video is fake. The bar below the video is telling you that there 1000’s of viewers right now .Secondly it’s not streaming despite what it indicates. Meaning this is not a live video since you can pause it. A live streaming video is not clickable.

David Matthews Stock IMage

Conclusion Form My Money Glitch Review

After reading my full review I hope I have provided enough info to expose these scammers and that I have also reached you in time before you lost any hard earned money to them. With all the lies and deceptive tactics the Money glitch system cannot be trusted. Of late scammers have been using the women card hoping men will be confused and blinded by gorgeous women and lose their rational thinking. But on issues to do with money you need and must always be cautious. I’m not recommending this system to anyone. The presenter is just attempting to pull the wool over your eyes with big, unrealistic promises. I have no doubt in my mind that you will not generate any profit at all with this bogus trading app

Verdict: Money Glitch By David Matthews as well as Selena Fairbrother is a Filthy Scam

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