The Referral Project Is Another Big SCAM!

In today’s video and post review I expose the Referral Project Scam. There are lots of issues and points about this that scream scam like the fake scaity numbers which randomly chnage and the numbers telling you about how many people are trying to sign up but the biggest scam point of all about this is the fake live trades that they show on their site. Check out my prrof below in my screenshot and also in my video where I caught them claiming to be winning trades on a Saturday when the markets are 100% closed.

CEO / Spokesperson: Evan Baker

After I landed on their official webpage, I didn’t feel impressed at all. In his presentation the ceo/creator Evan Baker, through a voice over boasts that as a day trader one has the potential to make $4500 daily (after 30 days of trading) through his system. Honestly speaking, this is an unfeasible gain that cannot be achieved even through cumulative trading. Even with a modest $250 deposit it is highly unlikely that you can attain a profit of such abnormal proportions.

Video Review Exposing The Referral Project Scam

Proof of The Referral Project Scam

This is one trading system I don’t trust at all with my money here are the reasons why .On first glimpse, referral project looks like a deliberate invitation to a scam since one is requested to make an effortless and 100 % GUARANTEED $108,352.26 a month. Obviously this raises a fatal reflag since I don’t know how this guarantee will be enforced and by whom .In the binary trading market such guarantees don’t exist .Period.

Secondly if you scroll down the Referral Project website you will notice the screenshot below which shows documented trades allegedly from some of their members using this system. Unfortunately if you take a closer look you will notice one of the dates- April 24th , 2016 falls on a Saturday  when the markets are closed. This is just a confirmation proof that all these results are cooked.

Referral Project Saturday Trading

The sad truth is that I even don’t know whether Mr. Baker exists since I only learn about him through his horrible presentation. Despite my efforts to locate his details on the internet there is no information to indicate that he is real .The little piece of information available comes from the blog reviews reviewing his shady system. A guy who is promising to change your life through his game changing system, really should provide us some details about himself via Facebook, twitter or even LinkedIn

During my investigation and through the whole video presentation, Mr. Baker deliberately fails to show us how his dream cash bot works , how he got to own it ,who  and where are these successful traders he keeps mentioning and solid proof that the broker will pay  you $35 for every person you refer through the system . All what he boasts about is that he  got the trading app then left his job and now feels it’s your chance to join and make money by referring your friends. I also found it stupid for him to claim that he has been trading using this app for several months but a quick search on Who. is  reveals that the domain for Referral Project website was only registered in April this year. The question is, who is fooling who here? Clearly his fully automated system is clearly a piece of junk that is just misleading and cannot be relied upon.

On further investigation of the project referral webpage, I quickly noticed how the shady people behind this scam have employed underground and blatant pressure tactics through fake widgets and scarcity counters meant to force you deposit your money without a second thought. If you visit the website you will be quickly alerted that only a few subscription positions remain and that there are many other people waiting on the list but when you refresh your browser the position will return to the first counter. The use of fake scarcity counters and widgets is not that impressive!!

By slapping pictures of dream holidays, expensive mansions and super fast vehicles, only leaves me with no option but to hammer hard the remaining nail onto the referral project rip off burial. Pure and simple this is a sleazy scheme meant to work your mind to fall for this scam.

Conclusion on The Referral Project Scam

Everything regarding the referral project does not add up. From misleading guarantees, unjustifiable claims of how his system will spit profits, the use of fake scarcity counters and widgets, lack of information regarding Mr. Baker to false claims when his system was launched I’m convinced referral project is an ugly  scam. The site alone looks like a big scam but the fake live trade results showing wining trades on a Saturday would be the final nail in this big frauds coffin.

Verdict: Avoid the Referral Project scammers!

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