Thousand Dollar Days Scam Review – Stay Away!

Thousand Dollar Days is another binary options auto trader that claims it can help binary traders or investors generate up to $1,000 per day in profits without incurring any costs at all. The binary options trading system is presented by a guy named David Sampson who claims to be an experienced and successful money making trader. The application offers the trading service for free and it claims that it is very easy to operate and earn money. However, I don’t buy all this crap since I am aware that there are numerous binary options trading software scams disguised as genuine applications out there. With this in mind, I sought to take a closer look in order to find out if the claims are true or the Thousand Dollar Days system is a scam.

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First Impressions from My Thousand Dollar Days Review

As with many other binary trading applications such as this one, the sales pitch often revolves around a sales video and some testimonials. When I visited the website that hosts the Thousand Dollar Days service, I didn’t notice any special stunts on the sales page, which I found to be rather odd but at least that is something to save face. It states that up until now there have been 1907 back-to-back days of $1,000 trades. Unfortunately, there is nothing to back up this bold claim, which I find to be quite suspicious.

The video itself begins with audio from some “users” stating how the system has helped to improve their lives financially. However, I find it very disturbing that there is no evidence to help confirm the identities of these alleged “customers”. To me they look, act and sound like paid actors, which raises more red flags that the Thousand Dollar Days is a scam.

The narrator, David Sampson, claims that he is the head hunter and co-developer of this revolutionary system. However, I could not find any information about any person with this name and this begs for one question. If he is truly a successful trader, how comes there is nothing out there associating him to the application or service? A website or a social media profile would be something!!! This guy is like a ghost, which is not very surprising when dealing with characters that are paid to promote a scam.

What the Thousand Dollar Days System Promises

When I look at what this service is promising traders, the more I am convinced that the Thousand Dollar Days is a scam. The sales pitch does a great job of making you see that there are no fees, hidden payments or hidden catches, and no subscription or membership fees with this system. Apparently, they link their account to the traders’ accounts and whatever trade they make, the traders’ accounts will also generate, guaranteeing the trader $1,000 minimum per day. Now, I think they are hiding something here by sugar coating facts, which is total bull.

All this crap about there being no costs is somewhat misdirection. While there may be no hidden fees or membership fees, I feel there’s still a cost. They say that what a trader needs to do at the end of the month is to “donate” their least profitable day to them and to me that sound like a real, direct cost.

Proof of the Thousand Dollar Days Scam

I found compelling evidence to show that the Thousand Dollar Days system is a scam. The strongest evidence is to show this is quite obvious if you know how to decipher these scams. For starters, the system’s website disclaimer clearly states that “No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profit or losses similar to those shown”.  This obviously implies that there are no guarantees with this system, which is why everything they just promised you that their system can do is total crap.

Trading on a Saturday??? Impossible when the markets are closed but it seems Thousand dollar days can do it in their live trade table

Saturday Trading

 Conclusion on the Thousand Dollar Days Scam

   I do not believe that any trader will earn any money using this system. In fact the only people who will make money or who have already made money with this nonsense are the creators and the paid actors who are claiming that this system has changed their financial status in a positive way. There are too many lose ends in the sales pitch for the service, as well as glaring contradictions with the promises this system is putting forth.

My Verdict: Stay away from this scam lest you lose your hard earned money…Thousand Dollar Days is a scam!!

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