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Trade Fusion is a new binary options trading software available on We are told it has been developed by its CEO, Timothy Marcus. Since it’s a new binary options auto trading software most people are not too sure as to its legitimacy, which prompted me to critically review whether it is a scam or a legit trading system. Take a few minutes to go through my findings before you make any decision.

Official Site:
CEO: Timothy Marcus <- Fake

First Impressions From My Trade Fusion Review

To start my Trade Fusion Review I first took a look at their site, and my first impression of the site was pleasant because the service seems rather promising and decent. The positive impression I got at first glance of the service was further reinforced after watching the Trade Fusion presentation video. In the short video clip, “Timothy Marcus” really does a great job of developing a really alluring look for the service. To be sincere, I even thought of signing up to test the service, but after a short while I had a change of heart. Being one of the more cynical persons, it’s hard for me to be tricked with just a gaudy looking site. In my investigation, I landed on some very distressing facts that will make anyone with an iota of intelligence to think twice before investing in the application.

What TradeFusion Promises

When I took a deeper look into the facts presented by the CEO, Timothy Marcus, I couldn’t help but further doubt the legitimacy of their service. In the presentation he claims that their system has the backing of some of the biggest brands in the options trading industry like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Barclay’s Capital, as well as other big firms. Additionally, the service claims to have a 24/7 live support in five different languages and subscribers have the ability to generate at least several thousands of dollars per week online from the comfort of their homes. Timothy further claims that they have formulated and patented an algorithm which is always updated daily by his team of expert analysts, and thanks to this, the system has the ability to operate at a maximum capacity of 92.3% winning rate on a fully automated mode.

When I look at this presentation and the promises that are offered by the TradeFusion service, my suspicions about the Trade Fusion Scam are further reinforced. As a well-seasoned user of online trading systems, I know that virtually all internet services that promise such lofty promises and hefty paybacks are scams.

My Video Review on The Trade Fusion Scam

Video Will be added soon to expose them even further

My Findings that show TradeFusion is a Scam

The first issue that confirms my suspicion that The Trade Fusion software is a scam is the staggering 92.3% success rate that Trade Fusion claims it can deliver. This is a rather bold claim and the fact that it is not backed by any credible proof raises a lot of red flags, especially given that the binary options trading industry is highly competitive. Secondly, the voice over narrator mentions that the service has an office in Manhattan U.S., yet there is nothing at all to show or prove that this statement is true. Thirdly, the Trade Fusion Software is a scam because I sought to establish the identities from the so-called member’s expert team and what I found was really disturbing. Although the composition of the rest of the expert team appears to be really professional, Bill Mayhew, the Market Analyst- Robert Ecklund, the Senior Consultant-Jim Forsythe, the Managing Director-and the Market Modeling and Core Analytics Technical Supervisor, Hong Gyu Lee are all phony identities that do not exist at all.


Trade Fusion Scam Photos 1

It seems that Bill Mayhew is really just a fake stock image from

Trade Fusion Scam Photos

Timothy Marcus is also a fake stock image that we see on a number of sites below
Trade Fusion Scam Photos 2

Moreover, I took great interest in trading example of how this software can be used properly. In the video presentation, a woman explains how she is logging into a live TradeFusion account. The account corresponds to two well-known shady brokerages, Binary Brokerz and Cititrades. This further confirms that the Trade Fusion software is a huge scam as it is synchronized with other well-known scam brokerages in the industry.

Conclusion on Trade Fusion Scam

My final Verdict from my Trade Fusion Review is that it is a huge scam. Although the site looks pretty impressive and the presentation about the entire systems seems highly professional, the lofty promises that the system is offering are suspect as they are not backed by any proof. Furthermore and the fact that the team of experts they present to us is full of fake stock images that should be enough to show you that TradeFusion is a scam and you should not risk your money with it.

Verdict: TradeFusion is another Clever Binary Options Scam you should avoid

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