Trade X Confidential Genuine Review: Lousy Scam Revealed!!

Trade X Confidential is a new auto trading app that was released in the binary options trading industry just a few days ago by Paul Reed. The software is based on prediction analysis auto trading technique in the world’s financial markets. The application is promising big things in terms of the profits you can generate. However, I would like to warn you not to fall for this shady scam. I found several disturbing issues with the whole story behind this application and in this review I will prove to you that Trade X Confidential is a lousy scam you should avoid by all means.

Official Site:
CEO: Paul Reed

First Impressions from My Trade X Confidential Scam Review

In my quest to uncover if Trade X Confidential is a scam, I first visited the website that is hosting the service. My first impression of the service was not great by all means. The website contains most features that I often find with most binary scams that I have encountered in my previous reviews. The usual video presentation by the guy introducing the system is the first thing that you encounter when you visit the site, which is a common feature with most scam sites out there.

What the Trade X Confidential Scam Promises

Besides the video presentation, the other prominent thing on the website is the section where you are supposed to enter your details in order to sign up, and of course the written testimonials of how much profit some of its members have managed to generate. However, the claims about the profits some of the members have generated sound ridiculous, and some things about their claims don’t just add up.

For instance, one of the alleged members named Tanya Calderon from Portugal claims that he managed to earn $81,900.00 within the first month after investing a mere $250. However awesome this may sound to any potential trader, the truth is that this is a false claim. This software is only a few days old, so how comes these alleged members have managed to trade with it for a month? This goes to show that Trade X Confidential is a scam and there is nothing legit about this dubious service.

The site was only registered in march 1,2016

My Findings that Show Trade X Confidential is a Scam

In my investigations, I got compelling evidence to prove that Trade X Confidential is a scam. In fact, this piece of trash was designed and is being promoted by a group of guys who are also involved in other internet scams. Let’s start with the alleged owner, Paul Reed. The guy is a paid actor that was hired to promote this filthy scam and feed us with dirty lies in the video presentation. When I listened keenly to what he was saying, I couldn’t help notice that some of his statements are contradictory and misleading. For instance, he says that the app is offered for free. At the same time, you will get 30 days money back guarantee. Now this is very stupid. Where does the money back guarantee come from if the system is free?

Additionally, when I was scanning the website that is hosting this scam I noticed a demo of three highly successful members who have managed to generate thousands of dollars within a month. At first glance, it looks very promising and somewhat convincing, but when I did some further research on the images on Google, I was not amused at all. All the pictures of the alleged successful members are fake identities.

Fake Testimonials

Who they really are

Trade X COnfidential Scam

Images of one of their most successful traders. Compare and contrast the same images found in Google.

Moreover, Trade X Confidential is a fairly new service and it lacks any credible or reliable data concerning the members’ successes. I found out that the website was only registered on March 1st 2016. How come that the alleged creator claims the system has had huge success over the past two years? These dubious claims only go to confirm that Trade X Confidential is a scam.


My overall assessment of the entire service points to the fact that Trade X Confidential is a scam. There is nothing credible about the entire service. The service is using fake identities to promote the service. Even the alleged creator is a fake. The claims they are making are unrealistic, contradictory, and only stink of scam. Finally, there is no credible evidence or proof to support any of the claims that they are making in the testimonials and video presentations.

Verdict: Trade X Confidential is a lousy scam that you should avoid by all means

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