Traders Revenge Review Exposes The Pathetic Revenge Scam

Rotten Scam Busted: Traders Revenge Review exposes the pathetic revenge scam!!!

Positioning itself as a safe pair of hands for people who have been scammed in the past, Traders Revenge is no different; it’s just another rotten scam that must be blacklisted. In my review of Traders Revenge I have revealed incriminating and irrefutable evidence proving that this trading bot is not to be ignored as it is just as manipulative if not deceptive as most scams out there. After visiting the official webpage of Traders Revenge by Ryan Jackson, the proof was crystal clear how ridiculously and misleading this whole lame production was panned out. For those new into the industry, you should recognize that not all scamming characteristics are laid bare and for this reason I have taken the liberty of outlining a few essential aspects I have unearthed in order to give my readers a solid understanding regarding the lack of credibility in Traders Revenge Scam

CEO: Ryan Jackson

Scam Proof from My Traders Revenge Review

I have to say the whole Traders Revenge is one giant Fiverr Production filled with nothing but cheaply paid actors and testimonial providers that misleads new traders and investors into thinking that this new binary trading service is the only reliable solution to beating online scams. Ryan Jackson, the alleged owner and mastermind behind this scam narrates how the whole system is rigged and crooked for new traders to lose or hardly make any profit. Yet his partner and he have allegedly cracked the code by hacking into trading algorithms pushing rivals to lose whilst letting Traders Revenge users gain control of exclusive winning traders. On top of that we are given a chance to use the same app  Jackson has been using in the last 2 years, with a potential to generate up to $26 in your first month. Unluckily the basis for this software is based on nothing but pure lies, greed and evil tricks as there are several disturbing facts which you need to know regarding the owners and the people featured in the presentation.

Ryan the alleged owner and savior of those scammed in the past narrates in the presentation that he used to work as a broke Starbuck`s store manager until he met a Russian programmer who helped create this Traders Revenge app. Sadly this moron is well known as a Sean or simplysoccerpro in website with a robust reputation of promoting scams such as Fintech Ltd, Make Money Robot and Cobalt Code.

What I have just exposed above in my Traders revenge review should be now sending shivers down your spine if you had entertained the thought of investing in this software. A look at their testimonials is not promising either as all are fake or you should note that each one of them is a cheap testimonial seller from fiverr. The claims that all of the have been scammed in the past including Mr. Jackson and have had success afterwards with Traders Revenge is a well-known approach employed with good measure and I`m sure you have heard this boring storyline over 1000 times in most of the binary apps I have reviewed previously

Now let’s turn our attention to a few more facts that I encountered in my review of traders revenge app. In the presentation Jackson claimed that he has been secretly using this app for 2 years now  and a further twelve beta testers have using this system for the last 6 months but all this is BS. In my investigation I discovered that this binary trading app is not older than 3 months as its domain for the website was only registered in April this year.

This means that you are being told one fat lie about how consistent and successful the app is. Likewise I was also able to discover another piece of undeniable piece of evidence of the so called Russian programmer who the owner claims is called Vladimir. In the Traders revenge presentation, you can see a small photo of this friend but when you take this pic and search it on Google it turns to be that one of a guy called John Razmus.

Conclusion From My Traders Revenge Review

I  have reviewed many scams this year but Traders revenges takes the medal due to its blatant and epic employment of deceptive tactics, misleading statements, , affinity to fiverr actors and testimonial providers. For all purposes I warn you to stay away from Traders Revenge or you risk being scammed to the last cent

Verdict: Avoid the Traders Revenge Scam

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