With the number of Brokers that you can choose from in the Binary Options and Forex worlds it can sometimes be very hard to pick one. The brokers listed below are my top trusted brokers and ones that I know are legit and should work very well for you. All brokers are regulated except any of them that accept US clients as currently any broker that accepts US clients can’t be regulated. Not been regulated isn’t always a bad thing as there are some very good brokers that aren’t regulated for good reasons.

Binary Options Brokers

BrokerAccepts US Clients Min DepositGet Started
IQ OptionsNo$10Open Account
High LowNo$10Open Account


Forex Brokers

BrokerAccepts US Clients Min DepositGet Started
No$250Open Account


eToro Trade Copier

Another one to look at is eToro which also offers a trade copier function. I will put together a full blog review on this broker soon


Full disclosure: I will earn a small commission if you sign through the broker links above but them commissions help me put more time into exposing the scammers in this industry and it wont make any difference to you if you go through my link above or direct to the company. The internet is run by affiliates so there is a good chnace that whereever you get a link for a broker someone will get a commission. If you have any problems with the brokers above send me a message and I will help in any way I can.

Full reviews coming soon but if you have any questions on any of them leave me a message below or get in contact through our contact page