The Wallstreet Lifestyle Review: Nasty Scam Busted!!!

Wallstreet Lifestyle is a new binary options trading app that you should be very wary of. The new binary trading bot was developed by an alleged James Taylor and he claims that this software is closely associated with IMA signal. Apparently, the so-called Mr. Taylor claims that IMA is an online trading academy that is meant to educate binary options traders. He also claims that this app has already helped him and other day traders to earn millions of dollars in the past year alone. While all these claims may sound very lucrative and enticing, I really don’t buy anything that these guys are saying. In this honest critical review, I am going to expose that the Wallstreet Lifestyle is a scam. Read on for more shocking revelations!!

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CEO: James Taylor

What the Wallstreet Lifestyle System Promises

There are numerous unfounded claims and empty promises that have been used to lure you into depositing money in the Wallstreet Lifestyle scam. The founder of the system claims that his app has already enabled him to make millions of dollars last year alone. He also claims that the Wallstreet Lifestyle app is an auto-trading app, which means that you will simply plug the application and it will start raining money on you. According to Taylor, the app can work for anyone and there’s no need for someone to be a professional to start making money with the system. He further claims that the system has been making millions for people. In the video script that is on the Wallstreet Lifestyle landing page, they claim that this system has a 95% winning rate and that you will only need five winning trades to make $1,000 from a $250 dollar investment.

I know some people might find all these fancy claims and promises very mouthwatering, but none of the lofty promises and claims is backed by any genuine trading results. Furthermore, the video is very misleading and is just designed to convince you to sign up-a very common feature with most scams I have seen in the past.

My Opinion on the Wallstreet Lifestyle Scam

The first thing I notice with the website is that it’s so poor. I jumped straight into the so-called inner circle of successful people on the Wallstreet Lifestyle, and immediately I play the video a logo of IMA Signals appears. IMA Signals was launched last year, so I suppose these guys just re-launched under the Wallstreet Lifestyle brand.

As you go through you meet the guy in a black suit. The guy is a stock image and he’s talking about how he spent so much time developing the Wallstreet Lifestyle system. When you scroll down the page you can see a logo claiming that the software is designed by Harvard Business School. That is complete BS because no university will get involved in creating a trading software, as far as I know.

As I go through the video I recognize another guy who’s wearing glasses and presenting more about the Wallstreet Lifestyle. But when I did a search on Fiverr I find that he is an actor there. This means I can hire him to act for $5 dollars or whatever I want. When you look at the whole thing you realize that there is so much suspicion with the people who are behind the Wallstreet Lifestyle system.

When you opt into the system you are taken directly to the IMA signals website. You can clearly see that the web address changes immediately you opt in. In the new website, I also find that the same video that’s on the Wallstreet Lifestyle website is on the IMA signals website. I also find that there are more Fiverr actors in there too. This just shows you that you should runaway from these guys because the Wallstreet Lifestyle system they are trying to sell to you is a huge scam that is related to IMA signals scam.


Overall, I can’t say there’s anything good about the Wallstreet Lifestyle system. The whole thing is a huge scam. The use of fake identities, fake names, and Fiverr actors just shows that the people behind the entire service are fraudsters. The fact that they are hiding their real identities and presenting false information to present and promote their service only confirms that these people cannot be trusted with your money.

Verdict: The Wallstreet Lifestyle and IMA Signals are scams you should avoid

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