Wells Investments is a pure scam!! Try it at your own peril!

Wells Investments software was introduced into the binary options trading community by Nicholas Wells. According to the founder, the so-called “Fully Automated Asset Manager” has been around for 5 years operating in secrecy. He also claims that his system has the ability to generate at least $879 dollars per hour. With so many binary options scams flooding the industry these days, I sought to unlock the truth on whether Wells Investments is a scam or a legitimate binary trading application.

Official Site: wellsinvestments.co
CEO: Nicholas Wells

First Impressions from My Wells Investments Software Review

Sincerely speaking, my first impressions of the website that hosts the Wells Investments software were not any better that most of the scams I have reviewed in the past. I sought to unlock the vault in order to secure the truth behind this application and establish if Wells Investments is a scam or a legit operation. I found several troubling issues that raise red flags on the entire service. In the video presentation on the website that hosts the service, the narrator, a certain Mr. Nicholas Wells, claims that his app is five years old and has been working secretly, but this doesn’t make any sense because when I did a brief investigation on Who. is, I found out that the Wellsinvestments.co domain was registered about two weeks ago.

See what I Mean

What the Wells Investment Software Promises

When I peeled back a bit deeper into what this application is promising, I uncovered several layers of lies and inconsistencies that convinced me Wells investments is a scam. The alleged founder claims that due to the huge success that he has recorded with the application, he is creating some free space for 25 people to use the app in order to get feedback from those who will qualify. This sounds illogical for one major reason. Why does he need 25 people to give feedback while the app has been apparently working for 5 years, and how is it free if you have to deposit a minimum of $250 before you can start using the app? Why don’t the old users share their success stories?

Perhaps one of the most ridiculous claims I heard from the narrator is that this app is so remarkable that it will enable traders to maximize their profits without a trace of risks, because the application is almost 100% risk free. Now, I don’t know about you, but I don’t know of any financial instrument in the financial markets that is 100% risk free. All investments have a certain percentage of risk, and that s why they have some value.

This is just unrealistic

Wells Investments Scam

My Findings that Show the Wells Investment Software is a Scam

I found a lot of evidence to show that the Wells Investments App is a scam and I am going to share with you. The first thing that doesn’t add up is the alleged Reuters review authored by Tanya Agrawal titled “Wells Investments LTD. Secretly Taking over Wall Street”. That review is fabricated, and while the author is a real Reuters journalist, she has never written any article related to the Wells Investment scam. The review was nowhere to be found on any search engine results.

Moving on, I could not confirm the existence of the so-called Nicholas wells on any authority website or social media sites. This led me to assume that the guy is using a fake identity, and as for the Wells Investment company, I could not find any company by that name on Wall Street. There is however a company by the same name in Florida, which is quite far from Wall Street.

The Wells Investment site also has a countdown widget that is designed to pressure you to sign up quickly before you can search the truth about this stupid scam and avoid it. The founder also claims that the HFT server that runs the Wells Investments system can generate up to 950,000 trades in a single day. I couldn’t help ask myself if this guy is okay upstairs. Imagine investing just $250 and synchronizing your account to an application that generates thousands of trades per day. Not thanks! This doesn’t make any financial sense, especially when it comes to binary options trading. While HFT algorithms are often used in short-term trading, but not in such a system.

Conclusion on the Wells Investments Software Review!!

To sum up, the Wells Investments is a scam and there is evidence to show that it is not legit. In fact, I found numerous fake elements, personalities, statements, articles and reviews related to Wells Investments, which leaves me with no doubt that this is a horrible investment.

My Verdict: Wells Investments is a pure scam!! Try it at your own peril!

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