Zen Trader Review – Yes another dirty ZEN SCAM!

Zen Trader review exposes the truth about the Zen Trader Scam

Zen Trader is new software that is making its entry into Binary trading market. Mr. Zen is the alleged owner of this software, which comes with the normal display of flashy lifestyle and dubious details that we see in most scams. So we decided to investigate further and as expected, we spotted the ugly side of this too good to be true offer. This is a scam and you should avoid it as much as possible. Go through our honest review to see why Zen Trader is not a legit auto trader that you can trust with your investment.

CEO: Mr. Zen
Official Site: thezentrader.co

Results from Zen Trader Review

It is apparent from a glance that there is something sinister about this software. Then there is this fishy detail about it. Why is it that the individual behind this service wants to remain anonymous? Why can’t he show his face and why does he “Mr. Zen” use phony identity? This makes it hard to trace him, right? There you have it. The use of dubious details here is a red flag that we are dealing with distrustful liars and keeping distance is apparently the only option. What’s even more suspicious is the success rate associated with this software. Talk of 80% to 90% and many traders will agree with you, anything beyond that should give you a signal that such software is not legit at all.

Zen Trader Review

Upon further scrutiny, we also found out that the promises that Mr Zen is offering herein are not so realistic for legit software. Making over $1000 in profits daily from $250 investments is not possible. This is a proven fact; you can make about 100s of dollars in a day, using a good trading application. Moreover, also other determinant factors affect trades, which mean consistent profits are quite out of the possibilities. Therefore, Mr. Zen is fabricating lies here with promises of fast profits that are not even achievable.

Zen Trader Scam

From a number of contradictions, you can tell that Mr. Zen is not being real with us about his software. First, he tells us that he is giving the software out free. Then later on in his promo video, he quotes that you will have to pay him back with 7% of your profits after four months. This is what he should have maintained form the beginning, if at all he is not into making deceptive and contradictory statements.

Secondly, he claims to hate those get-rich-quick scams all over the internet, while he starts his presentation by bombarding us with a show of stinking wealthy lifestyle and telling us how he is filthy rich, saying that we can be the same in few months. Therefore, how can he deny the fact that he is promising us fast riches if at all we can buy the idea to use his software?

Mr. Zen has some brought a number of testimonials on board to give us their experience about this software. Now, this is where he brings his own software to its knees. All the testimonials provided here are fake and false claims. This did not work quite smart, as this scammer went for cheap actors for hire from Fiverr.com to provide proof that this software is legit. Why would he pay bogus characters to prove to us that his software is real?

Zen Trader Review

Who is Mr. Zen?

Mr Zen is the proclaimed owner and CEO of Zen Trader, who appears to keep his identity withheld for obvious reasons and thus doesn’t reveal his face. He is offering auto trading software to users and yet he does not have the guts to face them and relate with them rather than using a narration video that communicates nothing substantial. He is masquerading as a filthy rich man who has risen from the ashes to glory, thanks to his so-called software, which he does not give a hint about how it works.

Is Zen Trader a Scam?

Yes, Zen Trader is a dirty scam presented in cheap and fabricated lies. However, there is nothing worth of trust about this software and subscribing to this scammer’s idea is well putting your money in a bottomless pit. This is a horrible scam just like the Orion Code and Automata Formula  which I also recently exposed.

Conclusion from Zen Trader Review

From our research, we have found out that almost everything about this software is fishy and that most of the information presented as factual does not have any credible trace. We can thus declare this a scam, tailored to delude innocent traders to give away their money. The owner of this software himself is not confident enough to come out clear and present his claim. Additionally, his use of incredible testimonials to back up his claims is an outright indicator that his software is questionable. This is a scam and you should stay away from it if at all you want to keep your money safe.

Verdict: Zen Trader is a scam we all need to warn people about

As always I will keep exposing all of these scammers on my blog and videos and anything I find that actually does work for me will be added to my Trusted System List which you can check out here.

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