Zulander Hack is a Big Scam!! Objective Review

Next on my list is Zulander Hack which is a new binary options trading application that claims to be able to generate at least $1,008 every 5 minutes. This automated signals service was created by Michael Wright, who claims that his system can easily convert $1 USD to $532,491. With such enticing promises, it seems that this revolutionary system offers one of the best deals in the binary options trading industry. However, before I can invest my money in a service that is offering such a nice deal, I sought to critically review the Zulander Hack system to establish if it is a scam.

 Official Site: zulanderhack.co
CEO: Michael A. Wright

First Impressions from My Zulander Hack Review

I first sought to look at how the official Zulander Hack website ranks on major search engines. I couldn’t help but notice that the site ranks very poorly on search engines. This was the first indication that the Zulander Hack is a scam. If the system is as profitable as it claims to be, common sense informs that it should have a positive impression by ranking highly on major search engines. The site also appears to be rather plain. The founder of the system has done a great job of making an impressive video that will capture your attention so that you can take time to listen to the lies he is trying to put across. In the video, Wright makes a claim that really raises suspicion. He claims that the application can turn an investment of $1 into a $532,491 fortune. Of course this sounds too good to be true, which further reinforces my suspicion that Zulander Hack is a scam.

What the Zulander Hack Promises

Besides the ridiculous claims made by the Zulander Hack`s  , the creators of the system further promise that the application managed to traded without making a single loss for 242 straight days. Additionally, they claim that this robot can generate up to $10,000 for a day trader on each trading day. I don’t know about you, but again these are ridiculously incredible claims and promises. The CEO also claims that they are offering free membership to people who reside in countries that are eligible to review the application. He further said that the sales price of $100,000 will be reversed. After seeing all these crazy promises, I didn’t waste my time trashing the system. The sales pitch sounds all too fake and only amateur traders to listen to such crap. The fact that he claims the Zulander Hack system has been 100% perfect since it started trading is hardly possible in a real market. There is no experienced trader who will swallow such lies, and this is sufficient to conclude that the bogus Zulander Hack is a scam.

My Video Review on Zulander Hack

My Findings that Show the Zulander Hack is a Scam

There are numerous red flags to indicate that the Zulander Hack is a scam. To begin with, I strongly believe that the idea that the software has traded for 242 days without making a single loss is a huge lie. Frankly speaking, this system was launched less than three months ago, and there are far less days than 242 that the CEO claims the system has been trading. Any seasoned trader would hardly believe such a fishy claim. I also noticed that all the characters that are appearing in the video narration as well as those who are on the system’s official site are fictitious. I even tried to check up the name of the founder of the system in authority sites and could not find anyone with the name anywhere binary options trading have been mentioned.  Furthermore, the other worrying thing is the website’s reliance on fake testimonials to prove that the application works.

Conclusion on the Zulander Hack Scam

Frankly speaking, anyone with the tiniest shred of intelligence will know that the Zulander hack is a scam that should be avoided and blacklisted at all costs. The promises and claims made on the sales videos and on the official website of the application are some of the most bizarre and unbelievable I have come across in the options trading industry. The use of fake identities and testimonials to prove that the system works further confirms that this is a bogus application.

My Verdict: The Zulander Hack is a scam that you should keep off if you don’t want to lose your hard earned money.

If you are looking for an alternative then check out my few trusted systems here. Also if you are new to binary options then I highly recommend that you get yourself a demo account so you can practice and get used to how Binary Options Trading works. You can get a free demo account here

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